The Wolf

“The Wolf” is someone I have known for a very long time. I would say “The Wolf” is probably my earliest gambling affiliation. While the first source at TSP Insiders goes by the pseudonym of “Tony The Bookie”, a name branded for identification and tracking purposes solely at TSP Insiders, “The Wolf” is actually known by his friends as “The Wolf”!

A wolf is brave, courageous, intelligent, and above all…loyal to its pack. However, wolves are also known as dark and vicious creatures. The Wolf got his name because of things he did during his career out of loyalty to the pack…and the sacrifice it took to maintain that loyalty. Despite the name, The Wolf is a lovable and incredibly charitable person, but if you cross him, there is nobody more vicious. The Wolf is the type of person who would take a hydrogen bomb to a knife fight.

The Wolf is not a man of many words, but when he speaks, everyone listens knowing that it will either be some great comedy or excellent wisdom. After years on the darker side of the gambling business, and the intensity that can exist in that side of the business, The Wolf took his money and rode off into the sunset…after a brief side trip. However, as has been discussed many times at The Sharp Plays, it is tough to quit this business. The action is like a drug and once it is in your blood then you are hooked on it for life. Although The Wolf is now retired, he has his own little sports service operation to keep him busy and active each day, and like Tony, he runs his own private betting group. The Wolf’s sports service has grown simply by word of mouth, illustrating the quality of his work.

The Wolf specializes in football, tennis, and soccer, but honestly, he is great at every sport and I am not just saying it to boost his ego or inflate his ability to all of you. I went to The Wolf during COVID (2020) for insights on Belarus hockey & soccer…and if you were around during that time then you know he delivered! Belarus soccer and hockey ended with a 15-4 record back when we were all locked indoors.

Like most professionals, The Wolf uses information from his contacts and sources, however his speciality is statistics analysis to calculate his own lines on sporting events. When The Wolf locates a material discrepancy between what he calculates and the actual price…he strikes! The Wolf has been gambling since the late 80’s and has won several awards along the way.

I think you will enjoy The Wolf’s take on the action, and his analytical approach to sports gambling. The Wolf hopes to earn your trust through his information and performance. His numbers are rather impressive (see below) and he looks forward to showing off his talents in front of his new audience through TSP Insiders…and delivering the profits his long-term clients are well accustomed to experiencing!

The Wolf (ALL SPORTS as of June 27, 2024)
2024 ROI = +9.7% (236 bets)
Lifetime ROI = +9.1% (over 10k bets)

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