About TSP Insiders

TSP Insiders is a unique information marketplace that was developed by The Sharp Plays. For more information on The Sharp Plays, visit TheSharpPlays.com and Twitter.com/TheSharpPlays.

Why TSP Insiders? Every day, The Sharp Plays comes across a lot of sports information. The majority of the information comes from contacts within TSP’s own expansive network…a network developed during 31+ years in the gaming business. Other information comes from people TSP has never met before, but who are looking to monetize information for which they have access. Some information even comes from connected subscribers & followers of The Sharp Plays. The information is often worthless as people just hope to strike it big on a hot run. However, some people do provide that diamond in the rough…consistent quality information. The goal of TSP Insiders is to acquire this information and then sell it to professional sports “enthusiasts” (perhaps like yourself) looking to gain an edge in the sports markets. Do you have information that you feel is quality intel and you would like to monetize that information? Click this link and send a message. TSP Insiders would be happy to review, analyze and discuss a possible arrangement. Obviously, I won’t take your word for your quality, but will review actual information you report prior to events to build a sample size and assess the potential.

While TSP Live is the main paid content product of The Sharp Plays, and provides a wealth of sports data/intel on a daily basis, TSP Live does contain TSP’s biases and preferences in terms of what is covered within the content. TSP also tailors the TSP Live subscription so it doesn’t provide too much content/information which then creates analysis paralysis for subscribers. However, veteran and advanced sports players are always asking for even more information than the wealth of intel provided in TSP Live…and sometimes from a different perspective. You get a second opinion for medical advice, why not another perspective when assessing the sports markets?!?

TSP thought the best way to achieve this goal of providing access to additional high quality information was to offer an à la carte marketplace of sports information. The goal was to bring quality and vetted providers to The Sharp Plays audience. TSP Live would always be the primary subscription content, but the marketplace would allow people the option to acquire further information not covered in TSP Live…and from sources all over the world. Welcome to TSP Insiders!

TSP Insiders acts as the bagman and pays the spies and insiders for information which is then offered for sale to sports “investors” like yourself. The content delivered through TSP Insiders will allow you to gain a perspective on the action that is completely independent from The Sharp Plays. TSP doesn’t dictate what the sources can or cannot share…nor what they can charge. The sources bring the information to the table and The Sharp Plays maintains the platform to bring it all to you completely unfiltered…BUT always logged and graded to provide transparency and data for your assessment!

Thanks for checking out this new content feature of The Sharp Plays!

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