TSP Insiders Welcomes “Tony the Bookie”

Tony (not his real name) comes from a lineage of “gaming” operators. Tony’s grandfather used to run numbers. Tony’s father operated a book at the warehouse where he worked. Tony started bookmaking in high school and expanded operations when he went to an Ivy League college. The Ivy League time was a great windfall, not for the education (according to Tony), but thanks to the dramatic expansion in the revenue Tony’s book began to generate. All those trust fund babies with money to spend! The expansion in revenue was so good that Tony then took his operation offshore…and has yet to use that Ivy League degree outside bookmaking.

Today, Tony has built an impressive private book, with a large clientele of sharps. Unlike many domestic sportsbooks, Tony understands how to utilize sharps to expand his revenue…not detract from it. Due to his size and connections, Tony’s book gets in some excellent information on a daily basis.

Tony also founded his own syndicate that attacks books around the globe. As of last year, Tony’s success with his group actually outpaces the revenue from his bookmaking operations!

While the resume thus far is fascinating, especially to us true degenerates, Tony’s greatest accomplishment is achieving something few have been able to conquer. No, I am not talking about summiting Everest or diving the Titanic. Tony’s magnum opus is being a friend of mine. During a recent trip where I met my friend Tony in the islands, I discussed a project (TSP Insiders) that I was working on and wanted to see if Tony would be a part of it as my first source.

Tony’s response, “I would take a bullet for you if you asked me to…this actually sounds like some fun.”  With that, Tony became the first source I would feature on TSPInsiders.com. Tony is not accustomed to this sort of thing (delivering content to subscribers), but I am confident he can pick it up quickly.

Tony will be providing information that passes through his book, through his network, and even information he is using within his group activities. I think you will find the information helpful, educational, entertaining, and most importantly…PROFITABLE!

Don’t miss the next action that comes through from Tony the Bookie! Click here to check out the current menu of selections that are available at TSP Insiders!

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