TSP Insiders FAQ

Thanks again for all the interest to TSP Insiders!

Looking to view your purchased selection(s)? You can view your purchases at any time by clicking this link or the “View Your Purchases/Selections” option under the “Members” dropdown in the website menu!

If you have concerns that TSP Insiders will give you too much information to assess…there is a very simple solution…don’t purchase it. Some people have TSP Live and that is already too much information. Other TSP Live subscribers are constantly asking for more information and coverage…TSP Insiders is the solution to these requests. So, it’s not that somehow TSP Live is losing something, but the goal is the TSP network and what is accessible to all of you actually expands dramatically…for those who are interested though TSP Insiders.

I realize there may be some who say…why not just make this a part of TSP Live? OK, but there is a cost to acquiring information. When you go to a gas station and get gas, they don’t then allow you to just come in the store and grab whatever you want and leave because you paid for the gas. Everything in the store has an additional cost to the store. Just buying the gas doesn’t cover the cost of you walking in and grabbing a free case of beer. The same is true with sports information. I know the $159.99 price per month for TSP Live is steep for some, but it is actually very low for the industry…and that’s always been my goal. There are charlatans out there who charge $300 to $600+ per month for sports selections….and LOSE long-term! The Sharp Plays content carries a +9.4% ROI since launching in 2011 and the TSP Live Portfolio almost doubles that with its 18% ROI! I could easily be the one charging $600 per month…but I do not. I want players big and small to be able to access the information.

So, if I want to bring in new information and expand what subscribers have access to, I can either increase the price of TSP Live to $250, $300, $600+ per month, and then use that increase to fund the acquisition of information, OR I can charge a low cost at TSP Live and those who want more information can pay à la carte for it.

How did this idea come about? For years I would get sent information from hundreds of people whom I do not know but who follow or are connected to The Sharp Plays. Much of the information was nothing exciting, but some of it was unique and without these people coming to me…I would have never known about it. It was this experience which gave me the idea…what if I had a public platform where the sole purpose was the acquisition and distribution of information for which The Sharp Plays did not previously have access? It’s been an idea that I have assessed for the last two years and the product of the R&D is what you see here at TSPInsiders.com!

No, I have never gotten information on fixed events, but someone’s cousin who works for the Lakers knowing at 8am that Lebron won’t be playing…is some SOLID information. I got information on tennis injuries that were not public. I got information on horses, Asian baseball, NFL, NCAAF…you name it and someone has sent me a good tip on it. I got information on roster changes, locker room issues, and so much more all from people I never met. I don’t believe anything that is sent to me, but some people build some strong credibility with me over time based on the quality of their information. Most of it I was asked not to release…and so I did not. Now, my hope is with TSP Insiders there will be even more people looking to provide quality information (both within my circles and maybe even some of you) in exchange for the potential return through fees. I am not looking for “Gambling Joe” and his MLB Lock of the Year…I want real professionals and insiders.

My goal is to bring in sources to TSP Insiders who are not already in my network of contacts at TSP Live. Yes, the first source (Tony) is someone I know. I have Tony as the first source solely because I trust his information, I am confident you will like it, and I know Tony will roll with things in case there are speed bumps as the testing and operations work the kinks out in June & July. While some sources I might already know, the ultimate goal is to have the majority of the sources be people never before in the TSP network! Thereby you are getting information we (you and me) have never had access to before. Also, I do not want to have TSP Insiders be a marketplace with 20-30 angles each day, but rather 1-3 angles on the average day….many days nothing if there’s nothing worthwhile.

I got a bunch of questions that were repeats, so I am going to include them below.

Q: If I am paying upwards of $25 for a selection, won’t that kill my potential ROI?

A: Everything will depend on your per unit wager on the selections/information provided. Yes, if you are a $25 per unit bettor…it’s going to be tough to come out ahead.

If a source’s content is performing at a +5-8% ROI or better, the cost of the selections should be such that even with the fees you will turn a profit. Yes, paying fees will lower your ROI…but the important part is you will likely still have a POSITIVE ROI…and that means you are gaining a net profit after fees. Isn’t that the goal really, to come out ahead over the long-term and expand your bankroll?

Q: Can I access TSP Insiders with my TSP Live credentials?

A: No, you would need to create new credentials at TSPInsiders.com, however those credentials could be the same username and password at TSP Live. To create your account, you can visit TSPInsiders.com and there is a button on the homepage to “Signup for a TSP Insiders Account…it’s FREE!”. You can also find the “Signup” link under the “Members” menu dropdown.

Q: Is it going to be somewhat like the “known bettor” that is in oddsmaker report? So if I want to see what pick the NBA prop guy made, I would have to buy his package for $25 for that one pick?

A: Yes and no. No, because that NBA prop guy is part of TSP Live, so it won’t be moved to TSP Insiders and now be something you have to purchase separately. Yes, because sure Tony might have a guy at his book that is solid at tennis and that guy is moving on a position today…so that’s something that would not have been in TSP Live, but now you can access (if you like) through TSP Insiders.

Q: What are the prices going to be at TSP Insiders?

A: The industry for selling angles tends to see average prices of $15 to $50. I would expect most prices to keep within this zone. However, I will allow sources to list whatever prices they desire as a way to entice people to provide quality information. If they want to charge $500 for a selection, that seems silly but if they get buyers at that price, it’s up to them whether they would rather get one buyer at $500 or 25 buyers at $25 and make more money.

Q: How will we know when a source posts something that is available?

A: When a source has a free report it will be posted right in the TSP War Room (https://t.me/+w0XmbjQZqUkzMjUx). When a source has a paid report, an alert will hit the TSP War Room channel stating something like the following…

Tony the Bookie has an average sized position that he made with his betting group. The selection is still available and you can ride along with him. To purchase, simply visit TSPInsiders.com/purchase-information/.

Q: How does the purchase system work?

A: For those of you who have been around a while, the system is the same one that I used when I offered Robin Hood and Premium Play Selections for individual purchase back in 2019. It’s a simple system to purchase and access selections that had almost no issues.

Q: What does a purchase provide me?

A: Purchases at TSP Insiders will initially just be for the single selection/angle being offered.

TSP Live works out to ONLY $5.16 per day for a monthly subscription. People tend to think of TSP Live as some sort of high priced subscription, but it is actually WELL BELOW the industry average. If you visit most websites which sell selections, they price themselves on average at $100-$150 per week (i.e. approx. $15-20 per day) or $25-$50 per selection. Not to self-glorify TSP Live, but TSP Live is an INCREDIBLE deal given the performance you get for the $5.16 per day.

A pack of peanut M&M’s…is $3.00 at Walgreens. So, when you think that TSP Live is only $2.16 more per day than grabbing M&M’s to snack on while on the way to work, maybe it’s not that TSP Insiders individual selections are priced high…but TSP Live is priced generously low…especially when you realize the performance of TSP content is absolutely unmatched in the industry…and that’s a fact!

I know the sticker shock within the TSP universe might be that $25 for a selection (or more) is high given you are accustomed to paying $5.16 for ALL the content provided by TSP Live in a day. However, while I do TSP for fun, many people are in this business to make money and charging $5 for a selection, let alone per day, really isn’t going to draw in and sell the best talent on the idea of becoming part of the TSP Insiders team.

It is worth noting that TSP Live subscribers will get 80% off prices in June and July for the “soft opening” testing and then 20% off in perpetuity moving forward (even more value for that $5.16 per day TSP Live subscription!). There will also be various bonuses and promotions each month within TSP Insiders that will provide discounts on pricing.

Q: I saw something about “Guaranteed Selections” when I was scrolling through TSP Insiders, what is that about?

A: I want to have the option at times for people to provide “Guaranteed Selections” whereby if the selection loses, then you either get a credit back or are not billed for the purchase. Those will be down the line though.

Q: When do purchases start?

A: I do not have a set day yet, but I am hoping to launch on Saturday (June 15th). Saturday tends to be a loaded card of action and the Euro 2024 is active too…so hopefully a fertile ground!

Again, TSP Live subscribers will get an 80% discount in June to purchase selections. The discount will then become a 20% discount moving forward starting July 1st.

Q: Will you not be covering these sources in TSP Live anymore?

A: If something is on TSP Insiders then it means it was not part of TSP Live in the first place. TSP Live will not be changing in any way from this expansion. TSP Live will continue to grow and expand regardless of anything done at TSP Insiders. In fact, there will be occasions when TSP Live subscribers actually get TSP Insiders source selections for free that are not released anywhere else. Just one more bonus to maximize the value in a TSP Live subscription.

Q: What is the TSP Insiders Wallet all about?

A: The wallet allows buyers a way to get an even greater discount on prices. How the wallet works is simple…you can add funds to your TSP Insiders wallet using debit or credit card, as well as PayPal. You can also add funds using cryptocurrency and get a 10% bonus added to your wallet! Once funds are on your wallet, if you use TSP Wallet funds to purchase selections, you get a 10% discount WHICH is on top of any other discounts available (like the 20% ongoing TSP Live subscriber discount). So, you can get 30% off by making purchases using your TSP Insiders Wallet and being a TSP Live subscriber! You save even more by using cryptocurrency because you get 10% of your cryptocurrency deposit added to your TSP Insiders Wallet balance!

Q: Will there be a monthly TSP Insiders subscription?

A: I don’t like subscriptions because it creates an artificial need to have content every single day. I want people only releasing something through TSP Insiders when they actually have something worthy to release. For example, maybe Tony only has three angles available for purchase in all of June. Do I want Tony, or any other source spouting bullshit every day just because they have a subscription and need to fill content? When there is a subscription you assume Tony is releasing his daily report because he has something good when in reality he is doing it because there is a subscription and he is compelled to do it. I want sources ONLY releasing their best stuff…not because it is Tuesday and you paid for 7 days of content.

The above is always something I wrestled with in TSP Live. The way I address it in TSP Live is by not guaranteeing graded content every day as part of the subscription. I only release graded content when it is worthy. However, the people I want for TSP Insiders are not running a daily service somewhere. I don’t want them for daily commentary but for the various quality nuggets they get in and want to share…and that may only be a couple times a week or a month.

Q: Will you post the performance metrics for these sources?

A: Yes, when they are new I will list their past performance metrics as I have recorded them privately up to their launch on TSP Insiders so that you have an idea. It’s not a perfect method because you have to trust me that these metrics are correct, but since these sources have never been covered publicly before, it’s really the only option I have to give you a metric to assess and decide if you want to purchase.

HOWEVER the records on The Sharp Plays website, and what I will track for the sources in the TSP Insiders log, will only be for actual content released through TSP Insiders. Once a large enough sample (even just 1-2 months) of records are logged for a source then I will only refer to their performance as it has been at TSP Insiders and nothing prior to that time. So, initial metrics will be listed for the first 1-2 months until a source has 25-50 selections under their belt at The Sharp Plays. Then performance metrics will be 100% for what they did at TSP Insiders only.

Q: What is the best strategy for following the sources at TSP Insiders?

A: Like anything in this business, the key is consistency. I wish I could say that every source to TSP Insiders will hit a nice run when they launch on the website…but there’s no way to know. I could bring you someone hitting 65% lifetime (not possible, but just pretend) and this person opens their run at TSP Insiders going 0-8. It happens! It usually would mean though that they have a solid run coming and so following them consistently is the key.

Trying to jump around to chase hot streaks never works well. Also, assuming just because someone has an 8% ROI for their angles means they will win their first angle released at TSP Insiders…or their second…or their third…is not how it works. Quantity is how success is achieved in this business. Quantity smooths the short term variance and allows performance and profit to rise to the top. Assessing a source on 1,2,3 selections is the law of small numbers and that law is a cognitive bias and an incorrect belief that such results are predictive of the long-term results to be expected.

I tell people all the time, the best time to subscribe to TSP Live is not when you see things are running hot…you likely are coming in too late…it’s to subscribe when you see things ice cold. Unless TSP content has lost its touch after 13 years of success, then the cold run and the depth of the cold run just means the next hot run is getting closer. So, join in the midst of the cold run so you can be there for Day #1 of the hot run…don’t jump in on Day #14 of the hot run expecting to print money…you are already too late!

Q: TSP, what are your honest thoughts on how TSP Insiders will play out?

A: For me, I know there will be concern that somehow TSP Live or The Sharp Plays content will be made worse with TSP Insiders. I disagree, but I acknowledge it could be the case. I have analyzed the ins and outs of this idea for over two years and with a couple dozen people who will give me honest opinions and not just blow wind up my dress. As I tell people, I do not make changes or launch new content without a ton of research and assessment. Once I was confident in the potential and what TSP Insiders could add to the content, I decided to begin the project development. I have designed TSP Insiders to complement The Sharp Plays and TSP Live…not detract from it.

I do not know if this will be a success or failure, but after two years of analysis and feeling it will be a good product that people will be excited about (which is so far what I have seen when I actually publicly discussed the idea yesterday), it is time to give it a shot. If it is awful and doesn’t work out, it’s simple…the website shuts down either for good or until it is adjusted to address whatever the problems were. Simple! If it works out…then the two years of time investment and effort to make it a reality will not only be worth it to The Sharp Plays brand…but to all of you. TSP Insiders is only a success if it is well received by you, the audience, and it is only going to be well received if it provides you value and pays you dividends from the information it provides. If it fails to achieve the goals in the previous sentence, regardless of the reason, then TSP Insiders will not be long for the world! The whole goal of the soft opening in June and July is to make that assessment with a live audience and to work out any issues along the way. If this works…it could be an incredible asset to complement TSP Live this coming football season!

Before you jump to various conclusions though, give it a chance to actually play out. Don’t panic about what you think will happen, see if it happens and if it does, please do send feedback and I can address it. Until then, there is no reason to get all hot and bother about “what ifs”.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!

Good luck!

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