For ease in identification, all the sources at TSP Insiders are given a code name. We can all enjoy a good laugh, so the code names tend to be a little “quirky” at times. I mean…why do any of this if we all can’t have some fun along the way? Anyway, the use of code names makes it easy for you to review performance of an individual source within the logs and records tables, while at the same time keeping the source’s identity secure to ensure the continued flow of high quality information.

Where do these sources come from? Sources can be found in a variety of places. Some sources work at various levels within global, domestic, or neighborhood bookmakers. The individuals may be traders, directors of trading, support staff, among many other roles within a book…everyone loves making more money! Some sources are the actual bookmakers (big and small)…looking to trade information for information…or simply increase their revenue. Other sources are professionals who max out on their action for a particular angle, but see continued value at current prices and want to further monetize their information through sales. Whatever the reason someone comes to TSP Insiders is not the concern…it’s the performance of the information that matters. Be sure to check the current performances (both records and a log of all angles), updated daily, at

If someone sees continued value on an angle, why don’t they just keep dropping money on it until there is no value left? Well, a lot of pro’s don’t want to have a $1M position across three dozen books. Some pro’s don’t have that level of bankroll either. Some pro’s get down their $2K, $3K, $5K, $10K, $50K, $100K+ quietly and that’s their comfortable risk size. Any monetization after that point becomes risk-free revenue for their information…if they can deliver consistent quality & performance. So, if a pro or source can further monetize information with little effort…please explain to me why they wouldn’t do it? I don’t meet a lot of people in this business who turn down extra money.

If sources don’t bring quality information, and TSP Insiders doesn’t do its job of vetting sources properly, then all this will just be a big waste of time…and time is too precious to waste!

Current Source Roster…

Source 1: Tony The Bookie

Source 2: Coming Soon

Source 3: Coming Soon

Source 4: Coming Soon

Source 5: Coming Soon

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