Why TSP Insiders?

In 2019, The Sharp Plays launched its paid content product now known as “TSP Live”. Initially, the content offered for sale was simply a selection derived from what a top sharp player at the book was taking action on. The initial paid content took off as people loved it! Paid content then expanded into 1-3 selections per week. Even with this expansion in selection content, followers of The Sharp Plays always wanted more! Eventually, TSP Live evolved into a daily service providing intel, analytics, commentary, late reporting, and analysis to subscribers.

When offering daily content, you have to be a filter for the audience. Working within the industry since the late 90’s and being connected to two major sportsbooks provides access to a wealth of intel. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to report everything because it would be a tsunami of information that most subscribers could not handle. So, naturally TSP’s preferences, biases, and experience would come into play to sort through all the information and provide daily reports to subscribers. Acting as a filter has worked very well as The Sharp Plays content has never had a losing year in its existence which began in 2011…and the TSP Live Portfolio delivers a record breaking DOUBLE DIGIT ROI! Thanks to the success, The Sharp Plays has become a religion for some followers. Your devotion and adoration is greatly appreciated!

However, there is a lot of information that comes through the door which could be useful to professionals out there. Whether you are a sports “investor”, sportsbook operator, daily fantasy player, or even a media personality…all of which are current clients and followers of The Sharp Plays & TSP Live…everyone wants an edge and access to the best information. So, TSP wondered what the optimal way would be to expand the content available to you, expand the network of sources, and at the same time remove TSP’s personal biases and preferences as a filter. An idea began to develop. What if you could create a marketplace or an exchange of sorts for the highest quality sports information. Not some bullshit website offering selections from handicappers who are more like professional marketers than professional bettors. No…REAL information from LEGITIMATE sources inside and outside the sports and gaming industries across the globe. People who are making a fortune on their information and looking to further monetize that information and expand their revenue. Perhaps even people who have access to quality information but are looking for an outlet to turn that information in profits! The idea became TSP Insiders.

TSP acts as the bagman, connecting with and paying sources around the globe…many of whom TSP finds or is already affiliated…and some who come to TSP and show the value of their information. TSP Insiders then purchases this information and resells it to offset the cost, OR allows the sources themselves to sell direct to you through the TSP Insiders website. There TSP Insiders is just bringing the source and you, the buyer, together.

None of the content that was part of TSP Live is moving to TSP Insiders. TSP Live remains the same and will continue expanding its content and technology. However, TSP Insiders will hopefully provide a supplement of trusted and transparent information that sports gaming professionals can access and use in their sports investment activities.

As with any endeavor, this could be a tremendous success or an epic failure…or something in between. You never know until you try! So, try we will and let’s see how it goes together. If it does happen to be an epic success, it will be well worth the time and effort necessary to get this off the ground and hopefully pay you plenty of dividends! TSP Insiders’ success depends on your success!

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